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SMSF Case Study

SBS helped a leading SMSF administrator increase manager productivity to 300% of previous levels


Our client is a well acknowledged administrator of super funds. -This administrator serviced 1000+ funds in Australia.


Some of the pain areas that we identified in discussion with our client were

  • Inability to scale up due to difficulty in gaining access to trained resources
  • Too much of their employees’ time was spent on processing tasks, rather than client facing activities.
  • No documented processes, making it difficult to manage staff attrition or temporary absence
Problem solving approach & Solution
  • We made a thorough study of the existing processes and documented the unique aspects of this process.
  • We then created detailed Standard Operating Procedures with the process modifications necessary for off-shoring.
  • Trained users in both India and Australia & Successfully off-shored within three months.
  • On-shore staff moved to higher-value adding client facing activities, leading to additional fee income. This was possible because Australia based staff productivity increased to 300% of its original level.
  • The India-based processing back-office now function as an extended office, addressing the issue of scalable access to trained staff