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PMS Case Study

SBS reduced operating costs by 35% for one of the leading portfolio management services providers in Australia

The Client

A leading portfolio management services provider, providing integrated administration systems for the financial services industry across Australia

  • High operating cost in maintaining accounting for portfolios
  • Hiring and retaining right-skilled resources, especially for surge load periods

Sundaram Business Services offered a cost-effective solution to help the client manage delivery remotely and manage surge loads, on demand. Our services were recognised, as an integration to the client office, at a remote location.

Processes such as bookkeeping, transaction recording, reconciliation of bank statements and stocks & holding positions were streamlined and a high rate of accuracy was delivered

  • The client, over last 3 years has experienced seamless process driven delivery with an accuracy rate of over 99%.
  • Sundaram Business Services have brought in operational efficiency for the client and have reduced operating costs by 35%.
  • The client could focus more time on their core business activities to increase revenues and market share.