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Hospitality Overview

Across the world, hotels are reengineering their processes so that they can focus on their core objectives of keeping guests happy and doing so profitably. While hotels would like their accounting related functions “taken care of”, they often wonder how their service providers would adjust to the fact that hospitality is a unique industry. Every transaction is a potential guest touch point and it needs hospitality experience to get this right.

Owners are keen to keep their costs low and get timely and accurate reporting and would ideally like specialists to work on this.

Why SBS?
  • Industry experienced and process oriented work force
  • Expertise in property software, both for accounting and reservations
  • Specialised teams for accounts payable, accounts receivable, income audit and reservations
  • Real world experience in remote transitions
  • Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and timelines
  • ISO 9001:2008 processes and customized Six-Sigma quality approach

Hotels that have worked with us have lowered their processing costs by upto 40%, improved controls and benefited from timely reporting, thereby allowing property management companies the time to focus on their core business of hospitality and providing owners a greater sense of control on profitability

Further, hotels have increased their capacity to process online reservations without proportionately increasing the costs