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Hospitality Case Study - II

SBS provided a seamless transition into timely and accurate financial reporting services; no one knew the day the process changed hands!

The Background

Our client is a leading hotel in Sydney. They were keen to streamline processes to get access to lower costs and timely reporting. Their main requirement was a seamless transition: guests or hotel staff should not find anything amiss, even for a day!


Business Problems

  • Timely P&L reporting required
  • High cost of an unbillable support service
  • Onsite migration not allowed! We could not visit the hotel to learn the nuances of their existing processes
  • The service provider was expected to learn the hotel culture and work like any other hotel employee
  • We did a remote transition by understanding process nuances from other properties in the same hotel chain
  • We defined end-to-end Finance & Accounting operations, namely accounts receivable, accounts payable, and income audit.
  • Dedicated project managers were put in charge both in our office and our client’s office to ensure a seamless transition
  • We invested time and energy in getting trained in the practices and culture of the client, so that anyone calling the "India team" would feel no difference in experience.

The result of outsourcing too SBS was the same level of delivery at a 40% lower cost. Further the client no longer had to worry about managing support staff.

  • Smooth process transition coupled with enhanced process efficiency resulted in improving the bottom-line and timely business reporting.
  • Real-Time Business Continuity Plan for absenteeism and attrition.
  • The delivery team in India are now seen by the Hotel staff as "our Finance department"