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Case Studies

"Sundaram helped a leading accounting firm in London to grow their business by reducing billing leakages, thereby enhancing margins and freeing up 15% of a manager's time to focus on value added consulting services to their existing clients"

Customer Profile
A 3 partner accounting firm based in London and has been in practice for over a decade providing gamet of services in Audit, Accounting, and Tax and Business development
Pain points
  • Always spend additional time than the billing hours to my client
  • Managers spending time on transactional tasks than value added activities which is a hindrance for growth
Our Solution
  • We identified transactional tasks carried out by the managers
  • Customised migration approach was designed and implemented for the above tasks to be offshored.
  • Our client had access to a team of UK trained accountants ; someone was always available 24/7
  • We put together a well defined review process and assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure smooth transition of work and resolution of queries and better visibility on the output
  • Elimination of transactional task, resulted in minimal leakage of actual hours vs billing hours to my client
  • 15% saving in managers time to focus on value added services